Free Soul Biography


Free Soul are:

Andreas Christopoulos (Lead Vocals - Guitar)
Jimmy Stuck (Drums - Vocals)
Stelios Karaventzas (Lead Guitar - Vocals)
George Didas (Bass - Vocals)


Andreas Christopoulos was born in Thessaloniki on August 26, 1970. He is a qualified sound engineer and has been involved as a presenter and producer of music programs on television and also radio. Owner of a recording studio in Thessaloniki, he is the founder of Free Soul where he is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

Stelios Karaventzas was born in Kempen, West Germany on February 25, 1969. He has a National Diploma in Harmony Studies and has also studied in the department of the traditional musical instruments “Tetrakty”. He is employed as a postal worker and plays lead guitar in Free Soul.


Jimmy Stuck (Stoukavos) was born in Thessaloniki on February 24, 1974.
He’s been playing drums since the age of ten. He has studied Swing and Rock at the Music Conservatory of Thessaloniki. He works in the food industry and plays drums for Free Soul.

  George Didas was born on July 6, 1983. He has a degree in Forestry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He’s studied electric bass and classical guitar at the Music Conservatory of Thermi. He plays bass guitar for Free Soul.


Free Soul Biography

Free Soul was formed at the end of 2002 by Andreas Christopoulos (former member of Down Town Blues and Kinky)
Initially the musical style of the band was based on song versions from the area of Rock n Roll, South Rock and Rhythm n Blues.
The band consisted of Andreas Christopoulos (voice and rhythm guitar), Yotis Bagalas, former member of Lone Stars, Yoghurt, etc.(drums), Nara Gabrilian (bass) and Mike Kosmoglou (lead guitar).

At the end of 2003 the drummer was replaced by George Nikolits, until June of 2004 when dynamic drummer Vasilis Kokonis (from Homo Erratus) and lead guitarist Manolis Kyriazis joined the group.

The group began to give live performances outside of Thessaloniki, in particular in cities of northern Greece such as Larissa, Kilkis, Kozani, etc., continuing, however, the same musical style until the moment when they were invited to take part in an International Rockabilly Festival in Thessaloniki, the 1st White Bobbin’ Tower (14 November, 2004), in which bands from all over Europe, like Jungle Tigers from Spain, Hellcats from Italy, Tri-Sonics from Germany, Ronny and the Heydocks from Holland, Barboulators from Russia, Bullets and Rockets from Greece and others participated. At the Festival, Free Soul played only Rock n Roll arrangements such as Come on Everybody, Blue Suede Shoes, Mystery Train etc. This was the event that set the course for the band to play Rock n Roll exclusively, in other words back to their roots.

In March 2005 and the two following months, Dimitris Koutsohinas (Downtown Blues) played bass. In May his place was taken by Kostas Mavroudis, who remained until February 2006, a period in which Free Soul once again changed members and Jimmy Stuck, a swinging Rock n Roller drummer, took over in addition to George Didas bassist and Nikos Antoniadis lead guitarist. This was the time that the band finally gelled outside the studios and stages and began to feel as one.
In this form, Free Soul played as the support band for the legendary Dr. Feelgood in Thessaloniki at the Xylourgio Milos on 4 March 2006, when they made a lasting impression. In addition, in May of the same year they participated in the 2nd Rockabilly Festival, White Boppin’ Tower 2, where the crowds went wild.

After this phase, Stelios Karaventzas, a virtuoso guitarist, replaced Nikos Antoniadis who left the band for artistic reasons.
In June 2006, after performing a fantastic live spectacle, Free Soul went into the Andreas Christopoulos’ recording studio and over three months created their first album-CD, Teasing Woman for On Stage Records.
The album was distributed in May 2007 at all record shops throughout Greece as well as in Europe and even Japan.
The group launched the album at the same time at an impressive musical/theatrical performance, live show, and subsequently embarked on a successful tour throughout Greece.
Recently in collaboration with On Stage Records, Free Soul went on a triumphant mini-tour in Greece (Athens, Larissa and Thessaloniki) together with the well-known “teddyboys” from Germany Black Raven and with the Dutch diva Sue Morreno and the Customs.




One, two three, four, five
Rock n Roll willnever die!!!




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